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Check out my new aerial photography website

Look at the Sainte Victoire, Aix-en-Provence, parapente flying site! It is the best and most beautiful flying site I have ever flown at...

Some video footage of my flight at the lake of Annecy, France is also available.

Footage of the Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter now online!

I have spent about an hour trying to solve this puzzle.. Test your intelligence against mine!

If you think you can sing karaoke.....


After adding tons of links to pictures on the home page, now, finally, a seperate page for links to pictures!
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After all, a personal website always has some background info on it's author. Although the following information is completely irrelevant and boring, I felt the site needed a 'human' touch to it....right.

I cannot respond to any 911 calls, but I can try to prevent you from committing suicide...not. Any comments or suggestions on the site are always welcome, as well as destructive insulting of all the crap I put up here. Thanks!

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